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Latest Articles

Three C's of Insurance
The Three C’s of Insurance

Insurance can be a complicated concept. But just like the diamond industry has simplified purchases to three C’s, so too can insurance be simplified. The next time you’re looking for insurance, remember the Three C’s.

Protecting Midwest Churches from LGBT Discrimination Lawsuits

The 2015 Supreme Court ruling on Obergefell v. Hodges legalized same-sex marriage throughout the US. This decision has many celebrating. However, for some nonprofits and churches it means an increased exposure for LGBT discrimination lawsuits.

Time To Raise Your Coverage

I’m sure no one has to tell you how high medical costs are today.  Premiums for health insurance policies continue to rise much faster than the inflation rate.  You can hardly read the news without hearing about a health insurance company leaving a state. This hit home to me when I recently had back surgery.  My …