General Insurance

1. Buy Independent

Buy from an independent agent. The agent who sells for just one company has loyalty to only that company. After all, his paycheck comes from that company. The independent agent chooses the company he feels is best for you, therefore his loyalty is to you — the customer who pays him. He can serve as an advocate in the event of a claim question. It should seem obvious the one company agent can’t do the same.

2. Lock in the Price

Look for a three year “rate guarantee”, not just a three year policy. This locks the insurance company rates for you, but does NOT lock you into that company. You may change carriers any time you choose. Very few carriers do this any more!

3. Check the Ratings

Not all insurance companies are the same. Look for one rated at least A+, A, or A- by AM Best (A++ is even better). That way you can be sure the resources will be there to pay a claim you might have.