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Summer Toy Safety

How to prevent accidents from occurring.

Summer Toy Safety

Hear what Tony has to say.

Summer days bring all of us out of our houses and out into the sun to have some fun. Whether you are a landlubber or a boater, you have your summer toys that help you have some summer fun. But, those toys bring risk to you, your family and your financial security. Here are some quick tips so that your summer of fun doesn’t turn into your bummer summer.

1. Maintenance

It’s one thing to own a summer toy, but did you do a safety check to make sure lights, turn signals, emergency lights, brakes, tires, engines were all in good condition and working? What about your fuel level? Do you have a repair kit?

2. Proper Safety Equipment

Be sure you own and take along proper safety gear such as helmets, lifejackets, gloves and a first aid kit. Do you have a cell phone and emergency clothing and equipment on hand?

3. Buddy Up!

Take a friend. This allows for greater rescue potential and someone to provide accountability and common sense to help keep you out of trouble. A friend can keep risk takers in check but is also available to find or provide emergency help if something serious should go wrong.

4. Proper Use

You could have your friend along, do your safety check and have all the proper equipment, but if you misuse your summer toy, the results can be devastating. Don’t try to jump items, go fast in areas that you shouldn’t, or drive in public ways when your equipment is not registered or licensed to do so.

5. Don’t Feel the Need to Say Yes

Don’t loan your summer toys out to others until they follow the advice above and you give them a thorough education on how to use and maintain what you are lending.

6. Don’t Use Alcohol

This should go without saying. Operating equipment or doing inherently risky activities while using alcohol is never a good idea. Whether on a boat, a mountain bike, swimming or hiking, alcohol can not only affect your judgment but also put you at risk for dehydration. Save that for after you are done for the day!

Contact us if you have any questions or would like a quote for your summer toys.