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Jim Tice

Estimating Homeowners Insurance for a New House

Make sure you know the costs involved.

Foreign Liability for Churches

Many of these trips are taken with the mistaken assumption the church's insurance policies will cover them.

Renting Your Home on Vrbo, Airbnb or HomeAway

Most home insurance policies don't cover rentals

Water Damage While Away

Lock your doors, hold your mail, shut off your water?

Self-Driving Cars and Insurance

In the future, we will likely be relying on vehicles controlled by computers.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment isn’t new, but recent publicity has caused more public awareness.

What Is Usage Based Car Insurance?

Modern technology is making possible the use of factors which could revolutionize car insurance.

Pre-Ride Motorcycle Prep & Local Motorcycle Routes

Before taking your first ride there are a few things you should do.

Why Is My Homeowner’s Premium Increasing?

Consider these ways to decrease your premium.

What is Underground Utility Coverage?

Some companies have recently introduced this additional coverage.

Which Christmas Gifts Should Be Added to My Insurance?

Coverage can be limited for certain personal property. Make sure you're covered.

Ways to Give Back This Christmas Season

Receiving gifts is enjoyable, but not nearly as rewarding as giving.

What Do I Do with My Motorcycle During Winter?

Make sure your motorcycle starts and runs well when spring rolls around.

Cold Weather Tips for Winter

Take a look at this checklist to make sure you are prepared.

Why Does Credit Affect My Insurance Premium?

People with high credit scores file fewer claims.

Candle Fire and How to Prevent It

Bad news for date night