Securing Our Website And Your Future

Daniel Grahn
Written on October 27, 2017

Capitol Insurance has a commitment to securing your future. Part of that commitment means taking the security of our website seriously. Capitol Insurance does NOT store any of your personal information on our website. However, we do redirect to company websites which allow you to submit payments.

Redirect Attack

One attack which malicious actors frequently use is to mimic a legitimate site, but collect the personal details of anyone who uses it. In order to ensure that our website is not vulnerable to this type of attack, we recently enabled SSL on our website.

Securing our Website Using SSL

In simple terms, SSL is a verification that our website is legitimate. We’ve all seen TV show’s where an undercover cop needs a bad guy to vouch for their identity to a mob boss. SSL is essentially the reverse of this. A highly trusted third party will tell your web browser that our website is actually who we say it is.

How can I protect myself?

We took this step in securing our website not in response to an attack, but as a next step in our ongoing commitment to securing your future. But not every site is as scrupulous. If you ever find yourself questioning the authenticity of a website, take one of the following actions.

  • Search for the company on Google. Only used the highest ranked results for the company.
  • Verify that the URL in your browser matches the expected URL. (i.e. you are at “” and not “”)
  • Call the company directly and make sure that you are on their website.

Have a great day and a safe browsing experience!