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How Can I Protect My Home While on Vacation?

Take these steps to keep your home from getting burglarized.


It is the season for vacations. But it is not a vacation when you come home to find that your home as been burglarized while you were gone. Below are a few things you can do to reduce that risk while you are away.

Don’t post pictures

While it is tempting, don’t post pictures of your vacations on social media while you are still away. This way, others don’t know that your house is empty.

Program your lights

Have exterior and interior lights that are set on timers. When exterior lights are on all day, it can be an indicator that someone is away from their home.

Tell a neighbor

Tell next-door neighbors when you are gone and ask if they’ll keep an eye on your house. Make sure to bring them a little something from your trip for their help!

Buy a video doorbell

Install a web-connected doorbell/camera so that you can monitor who comes to your front door from wherever you are at in the world (as long as you have an internet connection.)

Install an alarm system

Buy an install an alarm system that includes motion detectors and an audible alarm. Make sure someone nearby knows who to call if it goes off and you are unreachable.

However, if you are still unsure if your house will be safe, you have one more option, never go on vacation!

Remember, if you do have your home burglarized, your insurance agent should have made sure that you have the right protection for losses you may experience. While it can never replace those collections and sentimental items, it can compensate you monetarily for those losses. If you have collectibles or other items you think need to be listed on your homeowner’s policy, call an independent agent like Capitol Insurance, to make sure they will be covered should you experience a loss.

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