How Can I Save Money on My Insurance?

Daniel Crichlow
Written on October 18, 2017

Can you really save premium without cutting coverages?

I hear this a lot, and the simple truth is, YES! I consistently work with clients who are fed up with trying to penny pinch while still staying safe. Trying to save money while maintaining quality coverage can be tricky. You have to pick the right combination of coverages, deductibles, and credits.

Here are some things for which to have you agent check. (Don’t have an agent? Learn why you need one.)


If you have too low of a deductible, you could be paying too high of a premium. If you use the deductible incorrectly, it could actually hurt you in the long run!


If you have any type of home alarm (fire, burglar, etc.) and your agent doesn’t know about this, you could be overpaying. Alarms provide extra protection and reduce certain risks, which companies will reward you for.


Many companies will give you an extra discount if you have a student who gets good grades, or if you are part of an alumni association.


Marriage not only offers tax breaks but can also offer insurance breaks! Most companies today will usually offer discounts to couples who are married. If your agent doesn’t know you’re married, tell them!

One Company

Be insured with ONE company, not two of three. Companies give large multi-policy discounts, and if you are using more than one company, you could be missing out on a large deduction in premium!


There are different types of coverages that give you the same, or similar coverage. For example, combined single limit auto insurance can be less expensive than the traditional split limits, but may cost less.

If your company doesn’t offer some basic ways to cut costs, while still maintaining adequate coverage, you may be with the wrong company. Or, if you don’t have an agent who is willing to make sure you have all of the possible credits available, maybe you need to kick your agent to the curb.

Give us a call today if you would like us to make sure you are getting the lowest premium without comprising coverage! There’s no pressure. We just want to see if we can help!