Your Insurance Company Is out to Get You!

Tony Grahn
Written on November 13, 2017

Emotionally, you may be in agreement with the title, “Your Insurance Company Is out to Get You!” However, I’m here to tell you that this is one of the biggest misconceptions about the insurance industry.

William Penn once said:  “Justice is the insurance which we have on our lives and property. Obedience is the premium we pay for it.” 

While Penn understood there was a price for insurance, he also understood the need for it!  So let me give you 4 simple reasons to help you reconsider if your insurance company is really out to get you: 

Why would they purposely want to make things difficult for you?

The truth is, most insurance companies don’t want to make life difficult for their Insureds any more than you do for the clients or associates of where you work!  To do so makes life more difficult for them too, not just you.  Insurance companies would all be out of business if they treated customers poorly.

People like you make up the  Insurance industry!

Insurance adjusters, underwriters, and agents are not weirdos sequestered in a room alone for hours at a time. Nor are they generally impersonal.  In fact, they are your neighbors! They are the husband or wife next door out mowing their lawn or taking the trash out, the neighbor you smile at when you run into them at the grocery store, or the one actively engaged as a volunteer at your church.  Although their chosen profession might not be one you understand or one you’d enjoy, they “are” the insurance company.

An intangible product is hard to wrap your head around!

As an agent, my wife once told me: “You’ve got a tough job.  You have to provide a product that people can’t see, can’t touch, and don’t want to buy (but often have to)!” Because insurance is intangible, it makes it even harder to want to purchase. In addition, many have misconceptions about what they are actually purchasing.

Insurance is highly technical and very difficult to explain in short periods of time!

There are often hundreds of factors involved in insurance – whether underwriting, rating, implementation, or claims.  It’s difficult, timely, and impossible for insurance professionals to educate all of their Insureds on all facets of the industry.  Another problem is that at claim time, many claims adjusters have several claims going at one time, and have less time to educate.

I can’t erase bad experiences you’ve had with our Industry, but hopefully, I’ve given you reasons to pause and think.  So, in the future, when you are working through your insurance needs or a claim, don’t forget that claims adjusters, agents, and underwriters are real people, just like you, who really do care for you, and are not purposefully out to get you!