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What Makes a Company Worth Representing?

Would you do business with a company that intentionally cuts corners?

I have often been asked why I don’t carry one company or represent another. This leads to the question: What makes a company worth representing? Would you do business with a company that intentionally cut corners? What if they had a reputation of saying no? Surely, you wouldn’t! And we wouldn’t do business with a company like that either. We ensure the companies we represent are going to work with us for, and not against, you.

Here are two of the many things I look for when I consider doing business with an insurance company.

Coverages Offered

It is imperative that the companies I represent offer a wide variety of coverages.  Only representing companies that offer one type of coverage and endorsement is like a camouflage clothing provider. If he is only selling tan clothes – he only has one part of the needed combination to provide full coverage! Not every one of the companies I work with will offer every desirable coverage, which is why working with an independent agent is so important, because of the multitude of options we have. Here are some of the coverages my companies offer that I love, and why I love them.

  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost – If you have a total loss on your home, the company will pay whatever it would take to replace it. Even if your stated replacement cost is only half of what you actually need.
  • Roof and Siding Restoration – The company  pays to replace all of your roof or siding if the damaged portion cannot be matched.
  • Business Income and Extra Expense – If your business experiences a claim that shuts down your business, the company can pay for the business’s lost income and any extra expenses due to the claim.

Underwriters Willingness

I do not want to work with a company who looks for a reason to say no.  One thing to look for when considering doing business with a company is their willingness to try to say yes.  The reason I have partnered with the companies we represent is their willingness to say yes.  Does your current insurance company always say no? If they do, maybe it’s time to consider looking for a new company.

Your agent should be with companies who offer a wide variety of coverages, and look to say yes!