What Do You Mean It’s Not Covered?

Adam Murray
Written on October 23, 2017

Insurance can be very technical and confusing. Try to understand what is an is not covered on your policy and you’ll end up with a headache. What most people don’t know, is that an independent agent can walk you through the details of your policy. Too many people assume that their policy covers certain things, only to be surprised during claim time.  Here are top 5 common misconceptions about what your policy does and does not cover.


Your basic homeowner’s policy does not cover flooding. Most policies will cover a burst pipe or leaky roof. However every policy excludes  flood or “outside surface” water.

Earthquake & Volcanic Eruption

Volcanic eruption isn’t a concern for most of us. But earthquakes may be. Most homeowners policies exclude earthquake coverage. So if this is a concern, talk to your agent about getting coverage.

Water Backup & Sump Pump Overflow

While this coverage is not necessarily excluded from homeowner’s policies, it is often neglected. Many policies have different “coverage packages.” Some of these include water backup, but many do not, or don’t cover enough. Be sure to check with your agent.

High Value & Hard to Replace Items

Many people assume that because they have “replacement cost” that all of their valuables will be adequately protected. However, most homeowner’s policies have sub-limits for high value / hard to replace items, such as guns, furs, jewelry, etc.  Fix this by scheduling your valuables. For more information about this potential coverage gap, see our article Why Should I Schedule My Contents?


Few things are more aggravating than being the victim of a hit-and-run. If you carry collision coverage on your vehicle, you have nothing to worry about. You may not have protection if you only carry liability and are the victim of a hit-and-run. The best way to protect yourself against a hit-and-run is to talk with your agent to make sure you have proper protection.

There you have it. The top five things that I see most often neglected, assumed, or misunderstood. But take heart, there is almost always a solution, and having a knowledgeable agent on your side can make all the difference!