Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Jim Tice
Written on July 30, 2018

Sexual harassment isn’t new, but recent publicity has caused more public awareness. As a result, more people have come forward to report incidents which have occurred in their workplace.  Consequentially, employers are reviewing their employment practices to ensure an environment that is safe for their employees.

Every employer needs a handbook. It should set the standard for expected behavior.  This way, incidents that could lead to accusations of sexual harassment do not occur.

6 Things to Have in Your Handbook:

  1. A clear and easily understood description of what constitutes sexual harassment. This should include specific examples of what constitutes harassment. Would a friendly hug be acceptable? Telling a co-worker that she looks nice in her new outfit? Let your people know what is unacceptable.
  2. A statement that lets employees know unequivocally that harassment will not be tolerated.
  3. Wording that lets people know that any allegation will be investigated promptly, impartially, and thoroughly. It should also be mentioned, that all parties and information will be kept as confidential as possible.
  4. Your reporting system for incidents of harassment, including who may report them (such as victims and/or witnesses), to whom, and the proper procedure.
  5. Assure that any individual reporting an incident, whether a victim or a witness, will not suffer retaliation from managers, supervisors, or other employees. And if there is retaliation, the one who retaliates will be disciplined promptly.
  6. Let everyone know that corrective action will be taken, appropriately, and immediately, if an investigation shows sexual harassment has taken place.

Having these 6 things in your handbook will help prevent harassment from occurring.

After all, it is far easier to prevent these things from happening than it is to deal with the repercussions when they do.

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