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Top 5 Insurance Coverages to Know

Do you have these coverages?

We’ve all started a new season of life and realized, “I know absolutely nothing about insurance.” For those of you who may be in a period of life with a lot of changes, such as moving out of your parent’s house, buying your first car, etc., here are the top five coverages you should understand.

1. Bodily Injury Liability Coverage.

Your auto policy’s first coverage is called Bodily Injury Liability. If you cause an auto accident, this is what will protect you if the other person is injured. This injury could be from a small scratch to a fatality. This doesn’t just provide coverage for someone’s injuries, but also their lost wages, pain and suffering, and legal fees. Make sure you have coverage of at least $250,000 per person. 

2. Property Damage Liability.

Your auto policy’s second coverage is called Property Damage Liability. If you cause an accident, this is what will protect you if the other person’s car is damaged. The cool thing is that this not only provides coverage for their car but their property as well. If they were in the process of moving their expensive statue, and you hit them and damaged the statue, this would pay for the damage. So makes sure you have coverage of at least $100,000.

3. Comprehensive and Collision

Your auto policy will also have the option to provide coverage for physical damage that happens to your car. If you’re driving and cause damage to your car, Collision should pay for the damage minus the deductible you choose. If damage is caused by something other than collision – the car is stolen, is vandalized, catches fire, or a tree limb falls on it, Comprehensive should pay for the damage, minus the deductible.

4. Replacement Cost.

On your renters or homeowners policy, you’ll have coverage for your property. It will only cover your belongings on a renters policy but will cover your home and belongings on a home policy. If you’re not careful, you could choose a coverage called actual cash value. This coverage only pays part of what it would take to replace a certain item in today’s dollars. So make sure you chose replacement cost for your home and belongings to ensure you get enough money to replace them.

5. Personal Liability.

Your renters and homeowners policy will have a coverage titled Personal Liability. This provides coverage for you in you’re held liable for someone’s bodily injury or property damage. For example, it would cover you if a repairman slips on your wet floor, or if you are at someone’s house and drop and break an old artifact. As long as you didn’t intentionally cause this damage, there is a good chance you’ll be covered.

If you don’t know if you have these coverages, or if you need any other assistance, give us a call at 317-253-1155, or send us an email at