Why Should I Use an Independent Agent?

Daniel Crichlow
Written on December 4, 2017

Have you heard that independent agents are the best way to buy insurance? Is this really the best choice for you or is it just another scheme for someone to make money? After some research, I think you’ll agree independent agents are the way to go, and here’s why:

  • Being independent means they are loyal to the customer first, and not the company
  • They have several options, whereas, captive agents only have one
  • Independent agents are more versed in policy language
  • Overall, Independent agents are more competitive

Independent Agents Work for You

Independent agents work for the client, not for a parent company. This allows them the option of choosing which companies they want to represent and which they do not. Some of the largest names in insurance are captive companies, and the people who work for them can only sell that company’s insurance. This leads to agents wanting to do what is right for the company, and not the client. If a problem arises with a clients insurance, an Independent agent knows that she has several options. More importantly, the companies they represent know that she has several options. This makes the insurance company work for the Independent agent, and gives the agent, and the client the advantage!

Independent Agents Have Multiple Options

Would you rather have someone who can only interpret one type of policy or someone who is able to interpret several types of policies, and is versed in different types of policy language? Captive agents only ever see one company policy, and therefore only know one type of policy language. Independent agents work with several different company policies and therefore learn how to interpret different kinds of policy language. In the event of a serious claim, an independent agent will be able to help you navigate through your policy with more proficiency with a captive agent, because they have more experience with more types of policies.

Independent Agents Drive Down Prices

It is a simple truth that more options tend to drive down the price. If this is true, wouldn’t you want to work with someone who has several options, instead of just one? You can safely bet that if you are currently with an independent agent, and you see an increase in your premium, they are currently checking your coverages and premiums with other companies. If you are currently with a captive company, and your premium goes up, what do you do? Call and ask for a favor? Look to switch companies and then go through the same cycle next year when your prices soar? How about letting an independent agent review your coverages, and prove to you why choosing someone who has options is the right choice to make!