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Why I Celebrate My Dad on Father’s Day

“Your memories from your early childhood seem to have such purchase on your emotions. They are so concrete.” ~ Dana Spiotta


There I was, perched on top of columns of file cabinets.  Effortlessly, I’d crawl up the drawer handles to reach the top.  The next hours were spent drawing on scrap paper with sharpies, highlighters and pens.  When I finished a drawing, I would put it through the laminator. This wonderous machine never ceased to amaze me. After finishing my fantastical creation, I would limberly slip down the side of the file cabinets as only a child can do. I skipped into my dad’s office and presented him with my drawing. He would marvel at my handiwork and often gave me a licorice stick from his secret stash. These memories are exceptionally vivid to me.

My dad worked at the insurance agency that my Grandpa founded in 1981. Being homeschooled, I was able to spend more time with him than the average child. It is amazing what a child will notice and learn when they have time to spend with their parents.  When I spent time with my dad, I watched him constantly. I watched him work extremely hard at the office.  I watched as he worked some evenings. I watched as he coached my athletic teams. I watched as he was faithful to get his family to church every Sunday. I watched as he spent time with his family playing games. I watched as he made friends wherever he went. I watched every move he made, whether he knew it at the time or not.

One of the most inspiring things I witnessed while watching my dad was the passion he had for his work/ministry. Now that time has passed, I am older, married, and work at the insurance agency that my dad and mom now own. Something I didn’t understand when I was younger is that there is a social stigma attached to being an insurance agent. Growing up, I oblivious to this. Even now, I don’t quite understand it. To me, my dad helps protect people from harm. His ministry is insurance, and he is passionate about it.

My dad has the hardest job I know of. As my mom once said, “He has to sell something intangible, that nobody wants, nobody likes, but everybody needs.” And he does an amazing job at it! Keeping people safe and protecting them from the unknowns in life is his goal. He cares about his clients. He has a personal relationship with them.  This is why it is hard for me to see insurance in a negative light.

I don’t think many people understand what it is like to work in insurance. Although difficult, it is a fulfilling career. We are not all pushy salesmen, or those answering calls in a call center. Working in insurance can mean different things for different positions. One could work as a claims representative, an underwriter, an actuary, an agent, an accountant, or a customer service representative. There are positions in finance, marketing, processing, sales, IT, legal, and more!

Next time you hear the word insurance, I hope stereotypes don’t flood your mind. Because, while some insurance people might be out to get you, we are not all the same. A lot of us genuinely care about helping our clients! Whether it is us creating your peace of mind, or another agent, our job is to make sure you find the good guys. Give us a call, or send us an email today to see if we can change your view of insurance.

Happy Father’s Day dad.