Christmas trees are beautiful, but can be dangerous.

Christmas Tree Fire Safety Tips

Jacquelyn Bennett – November 9, 2015

December. Snow falling, cookies in the oven, wrapping gifts, time with loved ones, the smell of pine, and the warm glow of a Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is one of the most common things you will find in a house during the Christmas season. Every year people all over the world decorate it with […] Read More

Ice dams building up on a roof.

Eliminate Your Ice Dams

Tony Grahn – January 17, 2012

Here in the midwest, we get crazy weather. Sometimes we get rain and snow in the same afternoon! When there are heavy snow falls or buildup, it’s possible for ice dams to form. The dams are ice or snow on the roof or gutters which stop the roof from draining. Why do ice dams form? In most cases, […] Read More

Credit and How it Affects Your Insurance Premium

Credit: Why Does it Affect My Insurance Premium?

Jim Tice – June 10, 2011

On the surface, it doesn’t make sense. The way a person manages their finances doesn’t seem connected to how they drive. And it certainly doesn’t feel related to home insurance claims. But, statistics is a weird and wonderful field. Numerous studies have shown conclusively people with high credit scores file fewer claims. This means that insurance companies […] Read More

blow out candles to reduce the risk of house fire

Candle Fire and How to Prevent It

Jim Tice – March 14, 2011

Nothing is more warm and cozy than snuggling up in a candle lit room. But that same light which radiates warmth into our hearts can have devastating effects if it spreads. Over the years, I have had the privilege to walk alongside people as they deal with the aftermath of a house fire. Many of these were […] Read More

Economy and its Effect on Insurance Premiums

Tony Grahn – June 8, 2010

The economic turmoil of recent times has been concerning. Many people are wondering, “what effect will this have on my insurance?” This year we’ve seen the government spend $85 billion on rescuing AIG. In addition, a cluster of hurricanes has wreaked damage on the seaboard. Does this mean premiums are going to rise? According to […] Read More