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Do You Need Employment Practices Liability Insurance?

If you have employees, take a look at EPLI.

Insuring Young Drivers

Helpful tips when it comes to the direct costs of insuring a teenager.

Car Insurance Tips for Seniors

As we age, our reflexes slow, making it more difficult to react to emergency situations on the highway.

What Is the Penalty for Driving Without Auto Insurance?

Is it really a good idea to drive with minimum limits?

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Here are a few tips to keep you as safe as possible while still enjoying the open air.

How Prepared Is Your Church Against an Act of Violence?

We need to do whatever we can to protect our congregations.

Why Relationship Status Matters

Your relationship status can have a large impact on your premium.

Home Maintenance Tips

Few things are as disrupting to a budget as unscheduled repairs to your home.

What You Should Know as a First Time Home Buyer

Top 5 things that can affect your homeowners insurance.

Do You Know When You’re Going to Die?

The tricky thing about life insurance is that you don't know if you'll use it, or if you do, when.

Hail Damage? – What you Need to Know

Help navigating a potential hail claim to your roof.

Why Do Auto Insurance Rates Continue to Increase?

Repair costs and collisions drive costs

Insurance Tips for Empty Nesters

How does this new stage of life affect your insurance?

Pros and Cons of a Public Adjuster

The adjuster's job is to make sure fraudulent claims aren't paid, and legitimate claims aren't overpaid.

Estimating Homeowners Insurance for a New House

Make sure you know the costs involved.

Foreign Liability for Churches

Many of these trips are taken with the mistaken assumption the church's insurance policies will cover them.

What Car Should I Buy to Reduce My Premium?

Do you know the type of vehicles that will affect your premium the most?

Daily Habits to Keep You Healthy

Top 5 habits to help you have a healthy year.

My Insurance Premiums Are out of Line!

Are you paying too much for your Auto and Homeowners Insurance?