How Do I Kick the Cloudy Weather Blues?

Adam Murray
Written on March 5, 2018

Cloudy weather got you down? It happens to the best of us. Although I generally enjoy cool, cloudy weather, sometimes we just want some sunshine. Here are some of the ways that I cope with less than desirable weather.


Getting to the gym or doing some cardio right in your own living room can go a long way toward lifting your spirits.

Deep Clean

While very few of us actually enjoy cleaning, there is something very rewarding about productivity. Besides, if you’re going to be stuck inside, it might as well be clean. Click here for a list that might get you started.

Read Books

Most of us have said, “I just want to stay home and curl up with a good book.” Yet for whatever reason, we rarely do it when we have the opportunity. Seize the moment. Click here for a list of new books to read and click here for a list of classic books to read.

Watch Sports

I remember as a kid when I got sick in March. I stayed home and watched as much basketball as I could.

Have a Movie Marathon

There may be a day when you don’t have the time to watch 10 consecutive hours of Lord of the Rings, but it is not this day. Take advantage of your opportunity. Invite a couple of friends over, bake some pizza bites, and get ready for the best 10 hours of your life. Click here for movie marathon ideas.

Hopefully, this list will help brighten your cloudy weather blues!