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Pre-Ride Motorcycle Prep & Local Motorcycle Routes

Before taking your first ride there are a few things you should do.

Pre-Ride Motorcycle Prep & Local Motorcycle Routes

If you own a motorcycle, now that warmer weather is finally here, you are undoubtedly ready to hit the road and enjoy the wonderful freedom that only a motorcycle can bring.  Before taking your first ride there are a few things you should do. Assuming you properly prepared your motorcycle for winter storage (fuel stabilizer and trickle charger on the battery) it should fire right up. However, you shouldn’t take off right away. (Click here to read how to prepare your motorcycle for winter storage.)

Pre-Ride Prep

  1. Check your tires for proper pressure. There is something about winter storage that tends to reduce your air pressure.  Riding on under-inflated tires can be dangerous and also will accelerate the wear of the tire itself, so make sure there is the right amount of air in them.  Check the tire sidewall or your owner’s manual for the correct pressure.
  2. Make sure your lights work. It should only take a minute, but it could save your life.
  3. Change your oil. If you didn’t change your oil before storing your motorcycle for the winter, you will want to change it now. Drain the old oil before starting the engine, so it will all be in the bottom of the crankcase. Don’t forget to put in a new filter as well.

Local Routes

We don’t have an abundance of curvy and hilly roads in Central Indiana so you  may want to plan your ride based on a destination.  Indiana offers many places that are interesting to visit.

  • Brandt’s Harley-Davidson in Wabash, IN. If you want to head north you might want to check out the great display of antique Harley-Davidson’s at the dealer in Wabash.  Route your return through the small town of Upland and choose one of a hundred different ice cream sundaes at Ivanhoe’s Restaurant.
  • General Lew Wallace Study & Museum in Crawfordsville, IN. A good western destination is Crawfordsville where you can visit the study of Lew Wallace.  Not only was he author of Ben Hur, but a decorated Civil War general, inventor, and politician.  This is a wonderful spot to learn of an under-appreciated Hoosier.
  • Wilbur Wright Birthplace & Museum in Hagerstown, IN. This is an interesting location to visit. On many days the fields nearby will be filled with pilots flying their radio controlled airplanes.
  • Downtown Nashville & Brown County State Park in Nashville, IN.  Of course, to the south you will always find a lot of fellow motorcyclists in the town of Nashville.  Both Downtown Nashville and Brown County State Park have a lot to offer. And if you want some curves and authentic Indiana back country try Route 135 south of Nashville.

Or perhaps the best ride of all where you just start riding and go wherever the road may take you, exploring places you’ve never been.  Just ride safe so you can do it all again!