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What Are the Signs of Heat Illness?

Keep an eye out for these telltale signs of heat-related illness.

What Are the Signs of Heat Illness?

Hear what Daniel has to say.

As a prior golf professional and a high school golf coach, looking out for heat-related illnesses such as heat stroke was very important. Sure, the risk wasn’t as high as sports such as football, but it was still there. Some people can suffer from heat illness just by sitting in the heat for too long. So, if you plan to do any outdoor activities this summer, especially when the weather turns hot, make sure you keep an eye out for these telltale signs of heat-related illness:

Profuse sweating that won’t stop

This one can be tricky because we all sweat when we get hot. But, if you notice someone sweating more than usual, or that they keep sweating when you think they should have stopped, have them go to a minute clinic or hospital. This is usually the first sign that some type of heat-related illness could be starting. If they’re refusing to go, try to convince them to either put cold washcloths or ice packs on their body or better yet, take an ice bath. This will help cool the body and regulate their temperature.

Dizziness or faintness

If you see someone get dizzy or faint, don’t just laugh it off, take it seriously. This can mean that their brain is starting to overheat, which is very serious! They should immediately sit down and have something cold to put on them. If possible, take them somewhere to be examined. The best thing to do is for them not to move too much, and cool their body.


This also is caused by someone’s brain starting to overheat. If someone is confused, they aren’t sure what they were doing, can’t solve simple math problems and seem to be in a daze, take it seriously. This is a sign that they are starting to progress in the illness. Heat-related illness can be fatal, and shouldn’t simply be treated by drinking a cold glass of water and going back to whatever that person was doing. Make sure they seek medical help.

Nausea or vomiting

This is one of the worst signs. If someone starts to vomit, lose consciousness, or feel very nauseous, they should be taken to a hospital immediately. This is a sign that their body is starting to shut down because it is overheating. They’re usually in critical condition if they reach this point. Several people have lost their lives because they thought they just pushed themselves a little too hard and didn’t understand what was happening.