Capitol Insurance is receiving many calls about COVID-19. We’re collecting the most common questions and answers on this page. We’ll update this frequently. As always, we are just a phone call away. We won’t even make you press 0 to speak to an operator!

What if I can’t pay my premium due to loss of income?

Many of us are experiencing disruptions to our revenue stream. If you are one and are having trouble making premium payments, contact us at 317-253-1155. We will be able to help you. According to the the Indianapolis Star, the Indiana Department of Insurance is asking all carrier to suspend cancellations for non-pay for 60 days, but the premium will still be owed. We can help you navigate this with your carrier. Please contact us, not your carrier as there are special emails and contact numbers for this purpose.

Does my commercial insurance provide coverage for COVID-19?

We’ve written a blog article to address these concerns. If you have any questions, contact us.

What guidance do you have for schools/churches/businesses/etc?

We have set up a COVID-19 resources page. We are keeping this page up-to-date with as many resources as possible. Check it frequently! In addition, we are hosting webinars to help you through this period. Give the office a call for details on the next one.

I’ve heard about malware in COVID-19 trackers. Where is a safe place to track spread?

The best COVID-19 tracker is available for free from Johns Hopkins. It’s certainly good to be informed, but too much information can cause anxiety. Consider limiting how many times you hit refresh every day.