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Garage Policies Business

A Garage Policy is a special commercial auto policy designed to address the needs of auto dealers and services.

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  • Vehicle and trailer dealers
  • Auto & equipment dealers
  • Auto service & body shops


  • Damage to your customer’s vehicle while it is in your care
  • Mechanics errors
  • Property damage and liability while test driving a car
  • Slips and falls
  • Damage to vehicles or equipment on  your lot

Cost Factors

  • Type of operation
  • Location of business
  • Coverage and deductible limits chosen
  • Endorsements chosen
  • Value of vehicles in the businesses’ care, custody and control
  • Size of business operations
  • Number of technicians

Claim Examples

  • Damage to customer car while test driving
  • While test driving a customers car, your mechanic causes an accident and injures a 3rd party
  • Human mistakes during repairs of a vehicle
  • Slip and fall on your lot
  • Hail damage to vehicles on your lot

In addition to standard property and liability coverages, the policy can offer many industry-specific coverages. Coverages include garage liability, garage keepers, and auto physical damage.  Garage policies are tricky to navigate.  Having a insurance professional help you is important.

This can be a tricky policy to navigate. Make sure you talked to your trusted insurance advisor for a full review of what coverages you need and don’t need.