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Inland & Ocean Marine Business

Marine insurance provides coverage for property that is not and cannot be permanently affixed to a single location.

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  • Any organization that takes property off premises
  • Companies that ship goods
  • Contractors moving equipment between jobsites



  • Damage or loss to business personal property, inventory, cargo,
  • Actual perils covered are broad, but vary from policy to policy

Cost Factors

  • Value of  property being transported
  • Duration of policy
  • Deductible chosen
  • Other factors apply

Claim Examples

  • Your products being shipped to you are damage during an auto accident
  • Your shipment is lost after your container falls off the ship during inclement weather
  • Your container is dropped during unloading and your goods are damage
  • The vessel carrying your good sinks
  • Your backhoe is vandalized while on a jobsite

Ocean marine is the oldest insurance in the world and was developed to cover property transported by ocean vessels.  Ocean marine now covers any property being transported over bodies of water. As good began to be transported of land on rails, a new form of insurance was born. Inland marine covers good being transported over land. Anything from a crane to a diamond necklace can be insured on a marine policy. Inland marine covers property transported over land. Ocean marine covers property transported over bodies of water.