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Crime Church

Crime insurance covers money, securities and other property against criminal acts, such as employee theft, robbery, forgery, extortion and computer fraud.

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  • Churches with employees or volunteers
  • Non-profits with customers and vendors
  • Organizations that maintain customer records


  • Employee dishonesty
  • Forgery or alteration, counterfeit money
  • Computer fraud (limited coverage)
  • Fraud, ransom, and extortion

Cost Factors

  • Annual revenue
  • Financial controls
  • Physical cash/checks on hand

Claim Examples

  • An employee embezzles  funds
  • Unauthorized user accesses online bank accounts
  • A check is altered to a larger amount

Commercial crime insurance is a specialized coverage that pays for losses resulting from criminal acts, including employee dishonesty, and third-party fraud.

Employee dishonesty involves employees stealing their employer’s assets. Although most employers feel that this
could not happen to them, the fact is that it happens more often than people think, and the perpetrator
is generally a long-term, trusted employee.

Make sure you have enough limits. The last policy in place provides the coverage. If an employee has been embezzling for a number of years, you may not have enough coverage to replace what has been stolen. Be aware that a crime policy does not cover most computer related financial crimes