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Key Person Life Church

Key person insurance offers a financial cushion if the sudden loss of a certain individual would profoundly negatively affect the church’s operations.

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  • Churches
  • Other not-for-profits


  • Financial support to businesses in the event of death of a key employee.
  • Generally term life insurance is purchased

Cost Factors

  • Age of the key employee insured
  • Health of the key employee insured
  • Type of policy purchased
  • Terms of the policy purchased (length, limit, endorsements, etc….)
  • Allows family businesses to keep on their feet until a sale of the business can be arranged
  • Aids partners of key employees in the event of a sudden death.

Claim Examples

  • The tragic loss of anyone is difficult to recover from.
  • But with the added burden of financial worries, it becomes exponentially more difficult.
  • A key man life policy can relieve the financial burden until successor arrangements can be made.


Key person life insurance is typically required if your church wants to obtain a loan or investment. The SBA and many banks often require key person life insurance as part of their lending criteria. since small churches tend to be particularly dependent upon one or two people.   Also, if your church is trying to raise money, investors can want assurance that the loss of certain employees wouldn’t cause the church to go bankrupt.

Aside from lenders’ requirements, churches typically purchase key person life insurance as a form of financial protection. A key person policy is important if the loss of a particular employee would adversely impact your profits.

What should I look for in Key Person Life?