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Homeowners insurance policies cover destruction and damage to a home’s interior and exterior, the loss or theft of possessions, and personal liability for harm to others.

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  • Homeowners


  •  Rebuilding your home
  •  Any other structures on your property like a shed, pool or unattached garage.
  •  Stuff in your home
  • Additional living expenses when  you can’t use your home due to a covered loss
  • Personal liability (limits can be $300,000, $500,000 and $1M)
  • Pays medical bills for a anyone injured on your property
  • Liability coverage for any family member living in your home

Cost Factors

  • Location of your house
  • Your house’s construction
  • Your house’s value
  • How much liability coverage do you need
  • The  deductible you choose
  • Other options you choose

Claim Examples

  • Your water pipe freezes and burst resulting in damage to your basement
  • Smoke and fire department damage from a fire
  • A place to live and additional expenses after a fire or tornado
  • Your sewer line is blocked due to roots and collapse and needs to be replaced
  • Your home is burglarized
  • Your neighbors little girl breaks her arm on your trampoline
  • Your dog bites the mailman

A homeowners policy covers both property and liability claims, so there are multiple coverage limits on your policy.  An insurance agent will help you determine the limits you need on those coverages and other one’s you might want to add like:

Always purchase guaranteed replacement cost for you home and replacement cost for your personal property. Make sure your policy is written on the “special form” to get the broadest coverage.