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Umbrella Personal

A liability policy that provides additional coverage, above that provided in your home, auto, and boat policies.  It can protect your assets from being taken when a claim exceeds your other policies.



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  • Anyone who needs higher limits of liability protection.


  • Legal fees
  • Medical bills (due to liability)
  • Damage expenses

Cost Factors

  • Number of homes and auto’s owned
  • Number of cycle’s and boats owned
  • Number of youthful operators
  • Limit carried

Claim Examples

  • You cause an auto accident that causes death and sever injury to others
  • Your dog bites someone severely who needs reconstructive surgery
  • Someone hits your car and injures you severely and they have no auto insurance
  • A neighbors child wanders onto your property and drowns in your pool

Umbrella insurance is personal liability insurance that can be indispensable when you find yourself liable for a claim larger than your homeowner’s insurance or auto insurance will cover. It is designed to cover life’s worst scenarios so you will not be financially ruined. It is some of the cheapest coverage you can purchase.  Find out the value an umbrella policy can bring to you.