Community Involvement

We stay involved in our local community by participating in a local farmers market, sponsoring local sports teams, being a member of a nearby redevelopment group, picking up trash in the surrounding areas, and hosting events for the community.

In addition, we donate to our employees favorite non-profit each year on their anniversary date

Tony Grahn, Samaritan’s Purse

My wife and I have been long-term advocates of this global Faith Based Nonprofit. Samaritan’s Purse provides relief efforts to those in desperate need. Whether it’s a national or global disaster, they have teams of volunteers on site quickly ready to aid and minister to those caught in the aftermath of devastation.

Sheri Grahn, HeartChange

I loved raising my children, but I had my own mother that provided me with an example of how to be a good mother. Many single mother’s today do not have that advantage. HeartChange helps single mothers be good mothers by running Mom’s University which teaches them how to purchase healthy food and cook good meals for their children, how to interact and read to their children and many other things. They also have a program to help them with basics like getting a driver’s license, their GED, and a job to help life them out of poverty. But, most importantly, they do this while sharing the gospel of Jesus with them both in word and deed.

Jacquelyn Bennett, Life Centers

I value Life Centers because I place great value both on the care they provide pregnant women, as well as their goal of protecting the life of unborn babies. They are actively meeting the needs of the most vulnerable in our community.

Jim Tice, Child Evangelism Fellowship

Did you know that in 2001 the Supreme Court ruled stated that Bible clubs must be given the same access to school facilities accorded any other non-school-related outside group?  Child Evangelism Fellowship conducts clubs in hundreds of schools across Indiana and recruits and trains workers to reach even more.  For some children this is the only exposure they will have to the gospel.

Adam Murray, Kingdom Kids Orphanage

James 1:27 tells us that true religion is to care for the orphans and widows. I love this ministry, because it meets the physical needs of “the least of these,” while also teaching the children about the hope that is found in Jesus Christ.

Daniel Crichlow, Twelve Stones Ministry

Twelve Stones is a great ministry because they are actively helping people find true change. Unlike other Bible-based counseling ministries, Twelve Stones looks at the life story of the individual to help them understand why certain patterns emerge. Instead of throwing Bible verses at the person and hoping they help, Twelve Stones takes an individual approach and address the heart issues by revealing trends that lead people to the issue they are dealing with. They then help people see their need for the Gospel, and how Christ can speak into their habits, and help cure the issues of the heart.

Chad Watkins, Last Bell Ministry

Last Bell Ministry helps teens in Ukraine break out of cycles of generational poverty and teenage prostitution. There are no public orphanages in Ukraine, and a lot of broken families. I have a good friend who was adopted through Last Bell and it is a very nice ministry.

Michael Harrill, Encounter Revival Ministries

Encounter Revival Ministries is a traveling choir that also has ministries in India and Zambia. Knowing their founder Ardy Parlin, who is a genuine God-fearing man that yearns to expand God’s kingdom every waking moment, I know that there is not a force on this earth that can stop him from serving God. He has been led to establish a ministry that has impacted thousands of lives throughout the country, and I do not know of any ministry that I would trust a donation to more.

Sarah Lawton, Mission to Ukraine

In 2017, I was extremely blessed to marry into a wonderful, loving family. MTU was and is an integral part of their lives and ministry. In 1997, my father-in-law started with MTU as Vice President of the Board of Directors, and for seven years, had the opportunity to serve as Executive Director. My mother-in-law and husband have both served alongside him throughout the years, leading many mission trips to Ukraine. MTU provides crisis pregnancy care and special needs services to those most overlooked in Ukrainian society – offering counseling, medical, financial, emotional, and spiritual support for women making life-defining decisions; and bringing dignity and hope to children with special needs and their families by delivering medical therapeutic, educational, psychological, spiritual, and social services. MTU has a large impact on our family, and I am grateful for the opportunity to donate to this organization.

Jessica Dillon, Lucky Fin Project

The Lucky Fin Project serves to provide support for children who have limb differences and their families. The proceeds go towards creating support networks for parents and those with limb differences, providing medication information and education, as well as raising money to obtain prosthetics for children. As someone who has a small limb difference, this group provided a new community for me! Being able to see others who had hands similar to mine made my transition from a “normal” hand to one that looks different much easier.

Marcella Cook, American Heart Association

My father had open heart surgery at age 52 and passed away suddenly at age 65. My mother lived with the complications of congestive heart failure for years before passing away at age 83. At age 6, my son was diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome (rapid heartbeat due to an extra electrical pathway) as a result, he had heart surgery as a young adult to correct the problem. Thankfully, ten years later, he is doing fine!