COVID-19 Reopening Resources

Updated: May 5, 2020 at 03:06PM.

Capitol Insurance understands that this is an uncertain time. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic threatens every aspect of our society. As governments and companies take unprecedented actions, it is understandable that you may be confused by how they impact you. As your partners in risk management, we are committed to providing you with resources and information on how to navigate the reopening after the coronavirus pandemic.

Note: More resources, specific to insurance, businesses, and non-profits will be posted over time.

Workers Compensation White Paper and Payroll Tracker

Due to many employment changes related to COVID-19, your Workers Compensation rates may have changed without you even knowing. But don’t worry; we’re here for your peace of mind.


As Capitol Insurance recieves questions about COVID-19, we will post them on our FAQ page.

How the CARES Act Affects Your Charitable Donations

Most people are not aware of these benefits provided by the CARES act, and it is important to inform your donors so they are aware of the increased tax advantages in 2020 and increased levels of donations that will be tax-deductible. Learn more with Capitol.


Public Statements

Printable Posters

Useful Links

CDC Coronavirus Resource Center

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are the leading US public health officials on infections disease. This website contains authoritative information on current federal government guidance.

Indiana Department of Health

Indiana’s Department of Health is maintaining information on state-wide coronavirus updates and preventative measures. If you have questions about how Indiana is handling the response, this is a good place to look.