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Cyber Liability

Is this page still being used? If so, let Dan know. Otherwise, we’ll delete it. Really it should be under the policies.

Data breaches and cyber attacks are becoming more prevalent.  While hackers used to go after the big targets, they are now going after smaller entities, as they are less likely to pursue them!

Cyber Coverages:

Network Security Liability: Provides coverage for damages and expenses from unauthorized access to a system that results in theft or loss of data or denial-of-service attacks

Privacy Liability: Provides coverage for loss of electronic or non-electronic data in your care, custody, and control

Regulatory Liability: Coverage for defense expenses and penalties and fines from violation of a privacy law

Multi-Media Liability: Coverage for copyright infringement and defamation from postings or images on your website or social media sites.

Data Restoration: Pays for the restoration of private client data

IT Forensics: Pays for the costs incurred to collect, analyze and recover criminal or corrupt digital files, malware or evidence of hacking

Cyber Extortion: Covers expenses resulting from an extortion threat against the business

Business Interruption: Coverage for interruption loss or restoration expense as a direct result of a breach that caused system failure

Crisis Management: This coverage includes the following expenses: Notification expenses, credit monitoring, public relations costs

Social Engineering: Reimburses your business for money lost when you or an employee were tricked into sending money to an imposter pretending to be a customer or vendor

Ransomware: Covers the cost of paying of payment when you or an employee opens an electronic file that locks your server and files and will not unlock until you pay the “ransom”