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Sexual Abuse & Molestation Liability Church

This liability policy is essential for all organizations that work with seniors, elderly or children. It defends against sexual abuse and molestation accusations until an alleged perpetrator is found to by guilty.

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  • Any organization with vulnerable individuals in their care, custody, or control.
  • Employees and volunteers


  • Legal defense
  • Settlement (including judgment)

Cost Factors

A flat charge based upon:

  • Type of entity
  • Number & age of  people being cared for

Claim Examples

  • Defends against any sexual abuse claim made while the organization is in the care, custody or control of individuals at risk.

Coverage includes the actual, alleged, or threatened abuse, molestation or exploitation by the insured. The coverage includes compensation for mental anguish or emotional distress the victim may have experienced. Defense coverage generally ends for the alleged perpetrator once the individual(s) is confirmed to be guilty.

Make sure defense coverage is outside of (in addition to) the coverage limit.