Why Capitol Insurance Is Right for You

Capitol Insurance is an independent insurance agency. That means we don’t work for insurance companies, we work for you. Our main concern is providing you with quick and reliable service, while we compare different companies to find your unique coverage needs at affordable prices.

Coverages we focus on include religious institutions, businesses, and personal insurance, such as home, auto, and umbrella. However, whatever your insurance need, we are determined to help you obtain coverage.

Since the beginning, when Capitol was founded in 1981, it has remained a family-owned business. We currently have 9 employees at our office located on the northeast side of Indianapolis. Our team averages over 15 years of risk management experience, with each member attending frequent insurance classes to keep up with industry changes. Not only will you find us eager to help, but you’ll also feel safe trusting us with your future.

Why an independent agency?

Capitol Insurance & Risk Management Group has chosen to be an independent agency. That means we are not employees of any insurance company. We are free to recommend the company we believe will do the best job for you, not the company which writes our paycheck.

Most insurance claims are settled quickly and fairly by all companies, but occasionally a dispute arises. If you’re having a disagreement with your company, can you expect an agent who works for that company to argue on your behalf?

Many insurance companies today sell directly to the consumer via the Internet or over the phone. That is fine if you understand exactly what coverage you ought to have, and never require professional assistance in understanding your coverage or need help in presenting a claim.

Not all companies write all coverages, and occasionally customers of a single company may need to buy something that company doesn’t offer. Independent agents have connections with brokers all over the world in order to handle that out of the ordinary policy or coverage you may need.

As independent agents, we provide the advice and assistance you need. Our price is often less expensive than the “one company” agent or the company that sells direct.

Capitol’s Mission

To provide our clients with proper protection at a competitive cost through quality care.

Capitol’s Vision

Peace of Mind

Our Values & The Promises We Make to Show Them


We promise to:

  • Serve our clients, employees, and community.
  • Present the best option, even when it doesn’t benefit us.
  • Hire only those who are trustworthy and honest.


We promise to:

  • Have knowledgeable employees.
  • Maintain a high level of insurance education.
  • Stay abreast of industry changes.
  • Serve as outsourced risk managers.


We promise to:

  • Answer phones with a live person.
  • Provide emergency numbers for after hours.
  • Respond promptly to clients.
  • Offer access to information on the client portal.
  • Provide risk management resources.