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Cyber Deception & Liability Business

Cyber policies cover the risks and exposures that are caused by operating in a digital world. They have a diversity of coverages and are regularly updated. Our cyber experts can help you navigate them.

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  • Essential coverage for any business.


  • Intrusion, regulatory, and leak liability
  • After-incident restoration and recovery
  • Crisis Management

Cost Factors

  • Revenue
  • Exposures (storage of sensitive data, e-commerce, web presence, etc)
  • Cyber controls in place (MFA, updated software)

Claim Examples

  • You are tricked into sending money
  • Your data is breached and client information is obtained
  • Your data or software is locked by hackers and you cannot conduct business
  • You are fined for exposing client data

Cyber liability insurance covers financial losses that result from data breaches and other cyber events. Policies vary widely because most insurers that offer cyber coverage use forms they’ve developed themselves. You must talk with an insurance agent that knows and has experience in these coverages.

“Do it yourself” policies – If you can go online and purchase a policy yourself, it is likely not a good product. Cyber insurance is one of the most complex and rapidly changing policies in the marketplace. Make sure you seek out the services of an insurance professional.