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Employment Practice Liability (EPLI) Business

Designed to protect employers from employee lawsuits alleging poor employment practices.

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  • Essential for every business.


  •  Discrimination
  •  Wrongful termination
  •  Failure to employ or promote
  •  Harassment (sexual or otherwise)
  •  Failure to provide equal opportunity of employment
  •  Retaliation
  •  Infliction of emotional distress
  •  Violation of employee’s civil right

Cost Factors

  • Number of employees (usually # 1 determination of premium)
  •  Financial worth of the church
  •  Industry or business (certain industries inherently carry more risk than others)
  •  Turnover rates
  •  Hiring/firing procedures
  •  History of claims
  •  Written company procedures on employee conduct and training
  •  Amount of coverage required
  •  Amount of risk retention

Claim Examples

  • Harassment (sexual or other)
  • Whitleblower & Retaliaion
  • Discrimination (age, sex, ethnicity, gender, race)
  • Invasion of Employee Privacy
  • Preganancy and Lactation Accommodation

Since Lloyd’s of London offered the first Employment Practice Liability policy in the 1980’s, globally, organizations or all types and sizes have been affected by a surge in employment related litigation. Today’s organizations are open to ever-higher legal damage awards arising from employment practices violations. The average cost of defending and EPLI claim was roughly $160,000 in 2019.

An EPL policy is usually written on a claims made basis. You will want to make sure there is an extended reporting period or retroactive provisions. Also make sure the definition of “loss” includes damages, settlements, judgements, defense costs, and front and back pay.