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Christmas Cheer

Focus on these 3 things during the holiday season.


There is something special about the holidays, especially Thanksgiving and the Christmas season. For most of us, it brings pleasant memories and an enjoyable time of year.  Of course, who doesn’t want the pleasantries of hot cocoa, cookies, gifts, and the warmth of a fireplace with your family with you?

If I could condense it down for myself – my passion, joy, and focus at Christmas usually centers around three things:  God, Family and Country. 


Many of us come from different backgrounds with regards to faith.  We all believe in something.  Because I was raised in a Christian family, I learned very early that I was not born perfect, in fact, a sinner, and that I was in need of something much bigger – a Savior who could save me from my sinful self. 

Through the influence of my family, friends, and spouse, fortunately, I’ve been led to believe and depend upon God.  Life gets messy, but God has always been the steadfast rock where I can go during times of trouble, and times of joy.  Like many, I’ve been through times of deep tragedy in losing someone very close.  So it’s no wonder at Christmas time I’m often thinking of God.  He helps to refocus me off of myself, and onto others. 


What better place to be, than with and around those you love- family!  While some of us have lost a loved one or are going through a tough season in life, another anchor many of us hold onto is our family.  Whether it’s reflecting on God’s goodness to us, the warmth of our house on a cold wintery day, or spending quality time away from work, the Christmas season draws us to family. I always enjoy having my spouse, kids, and grandkids around. And as my business career has become more established over time, I find myself looking to spend more time with them.  Christmas affords that opportunity.


When sitting around the Christmas dinner table, or watching that football game on TV while you enjoy a little more dessert, politics inevitably enters into everyone’s conversation. This Christmas will be no different at my house.  After the political debates and small chitchat eventually subsides, in my heart I’m often remembering those who gave their life for our country, and how free we are compared to many other countries in need.  Christmas brings a great reminder for me to continue being generous with others by donating money or time to help those less fortunate.  

While Christmas time brings great cheer, these three focuses are actually good for any season.  Merry Christmas!