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Halloween Safety

Enjoy the holiday with fewer safety concerns.

Fall means Halloween isn’t far away and while that means lots of fun for kids, it also brings a lot of safety concerns. Dark streets when kids are thinking more about candy than cars is a real threat. Statistics show a child is twice as likely to be hit by a car on Halloween than on any other night.

Burns and cuts are also common. Candy, especially in the quantities available on Halloween, isn’t the healthiest thing for them to eat either.

The Mayo Clinic offers some tips to help you and your family enjoy the occasion with fewer safety concerns:

Carve safely

Consider letting children decorate their pumpkins with magic markers, glitter, glue, and paint, but leave the carving to adults.

Be careful with candles

Keep jack-o-lanterns with candles away from curtains. Keep them outdoors, or illuminate them with flashlights, glow sticks, or battery-operated candles.

Think about your costumes

Make them large enough to wear warm clothing underneath, or incorporate warm clothing into the costume. It is also better for any clothing to be flame retardant, include bright colors or to have reflective tape on them.

Skip masks

Masks can obstruct a child’s vision. You can use kid-friendly make-up instead.

Skip props

Pointed props like swords, knives, and wands can cause serious injury in the event of a fall. It’s best not to have them or for them to be made of foam.

Inspect the treats

Instruct them not to eat any candy before you have a chance to look over it. This way, you can discard any that aren’t sealed, have torn packaging, or otherwise looks questionable.

Ration the loot

Rather than let your children eat their treats all at once, teach them self-control by helping them ration out a few pieces at a time. You also could trade them their candy for a toy, a trip to the zoo, or something else.

No matter what your Halloween plans are, be extra careful!