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Jim Tice

Why did my auto insurance go up in 2023?

Catastrophes, inflation, and operating cost are raising prices.

How to Get (Almost) Free Car Insurance

There is a lot of information online about how you could cut your costs.

All About Ransomware

Cyber-actions can have real-world consequences

Common Business Insurance Claims and How to Prevent Them

Are you protected from these 3 common claims?

Coverage for Delivery Services

Do you have the needed coverage if you get into an accident?

Coverage for Electric Scooter Rentals

You probably don't have coverage for this common transportation method.

Claim Adjuster Misconceptions

Who they are, what they do, and why they're here to help.

The Risk of Stated Amount Coverage

Are your expensive items insured correctly?

Understanding Loss Control

Preventing future losses benefits your premium

Do I Need GAP Coverage?

If you are financing a vehicle, you might want to consider GAP coverage.

What is Business Interruption Insurance?

Coverage for when your business is closed for extended periods.

Comparing Auto Insurance Policies

Policies can seem like apples and oranges

Firearms Liability Insurance

Responsible gun ownership extends beyond storage

Am I Responsible for Injuries to Trespassers?

What injuries you are responsible for on your property.?

Do You Need Employment Practices Liability Insurance?

If you have employees, take a look at EPLI.

Car Insurance Tips for Seniors

As we age, our reflexes slow, making it more difficult to react to emergency situations on the highway.

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Here are a few tips to keep you as safe as possible while still enjoying the open air.

Home Maintenance Tips

Few things are as disrupting to a budget as unscheduled repairs to your home.

Why Do Auto Insurance Rates Continue to Increase?

Repair costs and collisions drive costs

Pros and Cons of a Public Adjuster

The adjuster's job is to make sure fraudulent claims aren't paid, and legitimate claims aren't overpaid.